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Will Williams was raised in Saint Louis Missouri, in various neighborhoods like Berkeley, Riverview and Hazelwood as his family moved around a lot. His vocal influences range from the smooth vocals of groups such as, Earth Wind & Fire to the soulful gospel harmonies of The Winans and Commissioned. As a youth his passion for music came from the daily challenges of life, and due to him not having the confidence to speak up, thus he turned to poetry. Poets such as Emily Dickerson, and Edgar Allan Poe were a big influence on his style of writing. One day he heard the instrumental for the Paul Wall track “Girl” and wrote a song from start to finish. Throughout the years he continued making music in private in fear he wouldn’t be accepted by his family. Still, he continued and in 2018 released his debut album”. All of his commercial releases (New Life, Same Feelings 2, Heartbreaker) are produced, mixed and mastered, entirely by himself. By continuing to write, and grow as an artist, there’s no limit to where his musical journey can go.


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